The Trump is Spades. The Queen is called Orlanda Guilande. This is about Rock & Roll! Are you up to it? "Guilande EP" is out now on iTunes and all good digital store

Orlanda Guilande was born in 1974, in Lisbon. Her family moved to Santarém, where she began singing as a teenager. She never stopped until today and music is her life. Orlanda Guilande has been singing in many diferent projects and bands. She worked with Theo Pas'cal, The Funky Messengers, Blackout, Shout! and The Gospel Choir. She has also lent her voice to artists like Sara Tavares, Carmen Souza, Lura, Paulo de Carvalho(as a duet), João Oliveira, The Black Mamba and Rui Veloso.

In March 2010 Orlanda gives birth to the Orlanda Guilande Quarteto, an incursion into the jazz world. She also begins singing with the choirs Gospel Collective and Gospel Sisters.

In 2012, Orlanda Guilande goes mainstream with the infusion of Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk and Gospel produced by Guilande, her new band, writing and recording a nice bunch of original songs. Two new albuns are due in 2018. A live recording and the latest studio production. The band will also be touring Europe in early 2019.

Orlanda’s voice is a true gift. She possesses the passion of the fado and the blues, the power of the soul and gospel, the skills and technique of a jazz diva, and the African rhythmns in her soul. Orlanda has Life in her voice and takes us on a musical voyage around the World, giving us plenty of moments of pure, raw emotion.

If you are interested in a review of the brandnew Live album:



Review:  Guilande is named after lead singer Orlanda Guilande with a classic rock vibe that brings back great memories of 70’s rock and roll.  This live album captures their amazing sound and energy and makes the listener want to get out and see their perform in concert.  There is not a weak song in this collection, and we could easily listen to them over and over again.  We love the sound of Guilande’s voice and the musical chemistry with her band is perfect, resulting in songs that reasonate with the listener, especially if they are a fan of bands like Lynnyrd Skynnrd, Jefferson Airplane, Credence Clearwater Revival and the like.

Recommendation:  Definitely Get this one!  It belongs on repeat.


Guilande will be touring the Netherlands in February and March 2019, accompanied by her friends of Charlie and The Bluescats (


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